Delight your customers with an app

Your customers probably already love your SaaS solution, and we are sure you already offer them a lot of value. Why not give them a little extra for their money? With an app, you can make it even easier for your customers to access your system and data.

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What can an app do for your SaaS platform?

It has to be easy

Your customers have 99 other things to spend their time on. They’re already getting a lot of value from your solution, but are you making sure they're also saving time? With an app, they can easily and quickly access your solution. It's the world class customer service your customers didn't know they were missing!

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Use data to benefit your customer

You already have a lot of data associated with each customer. With an app, the customer has that data at hand no matter where and when. In the app, you can highlight important data, and you can use the data to engage and activate your customers.

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Engage and inform your customers

Use your data to engage and inform your customers. For example with push notifications that you can send out through the app when something happens that your customers need to react to. You also have the option to choose other app technologies that can benefit your solution and your customers.

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With you get 2 platforms for only 1 effort.

No more hassle with App Store and Google Play

Many SaaS companies have the resources internally to develop an app, so why should you choose App Store and Google Play continually set new demands to your app, and there are a lot of updates and maintenance associated with having an app. We take care of all that when you choose That way, you only have to focus on what you do best.

2 platforms, 1 effort

With, we use your web based system as the core foundation of your new app. This means that you get an app that 1) is connected to your web system, 2) is automatically updated along with the web system. So you don't have to worry about updating and maintaining 2 platforms - With your app automatically gets updated every time you update your web system.

Build an app based on your web system is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.

Is your SaaS platform fit for an app?

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