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How should your app integrate with the user's phone? There are many options and below you can see our most popular app features. You must select at least one feature for your app to be approved by Apple and/or Google.

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Push notifications

Enhance user engagement, drive traffic and boost click-through rates. We could go on forever if we should tell you about all the amazing benefits you get with push notifications. But we have limited space here, so instead we will tell you that:

With push notifications your app will be one of your most valuable communication channels, and it is by far the most popular app feature you can choose.

You can use push notifications to inform the user about news, current topics and deadlines. If push notifications are used the right way, they can help you increase user retention, drive more sales and lower your advertising cost.

Biometric login

If you have a login on your website, it probably requires username and password. But app users are used to logging in using Touch ID or Face ID.

With this integration, you have the opportunity to offer your users this functionality once they have entered their username and password on your website.

QR and barcode scanner

Maybe you need your app to scan QR codes or barcodes? You can do that using the camera in the phone.

QR codes are particularly popular combined with physical marketing material, but can also be used internally within the company.

Barcodes are often used in a warehouse when products or locations need to be scanned.

NFC scanner

With the NFC scanner feature, your app can read many of the most common types of NFC tags. As an example, you can use NFC to verify the app user's location.

Please note that the NFC scanner cannot stand alone. You need to have NFC tags in order to use the scanner.

NFC is popular in warehouses, where the tags are connected to different products or areas, and you interact in different ways with the tags using the scanner in your app.

Sharing documents, links etc.

Do your users need to share documents, links, etc. with other apps on their phone, or should the app be able to forward these documents?

Maybe it’s a link to an article or a PDF document that the user would like to share in a text message or via other communication channels on their phone.


Using GPS coordinates, you can draw a virtual fence around a geographic area. That is called geofence.

When an app user enters or leaves the defined area, it can trigger the app to perform a specific action. For example, a location-based push notification, time tracking, show specific content or offers, etc.

In-App Purchase

With In-App Purchase, you can offer purchases directly through your app once a user has downloaded it. This means, among other thing, that your users can download the app for free. Then afterwards, if needed, they can unlock premium features or additional purchases within the app through In-App Purchases.

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