A shopping experience beyond the expected

Give your customers a unforgettable shopping experience and enjoy higher customer satisfaction, lower advertising costs and increased conversion rate and cartsize.

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What can an app do for your webshop?

Strengthen the relationship with your customers

Let your customers know that you are always present. With an app, you can create a community that your customers yearn to be a part of. You can offer exclusive discounts, news and other benefits, which can be sent directly from the app to your best customers. Your customers want a feeling of NOT missing out on anything. It’s your job to give them that feeling. And if you succeed? Well that's world-class customer service!

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Up your digital presence a notch

Your customers expect you to deliver a frictionless shopping experience, where easy and convenient are some of the keywords. Your old semi outdated mobile site is no longer enough. If you want to delight your customers, you need to take your digital presence to the next level.

That is why it is becoming more and more popular to shop through an app. Consumers download apps from the brands and webshops they are loyal to, and many of your customers have already built their own digital shopping-folder on their phones. Are you present in that folder?

Get more returning and loyal customers

Once your customers have downloaded your app, you have a direct line to them - no matter where and when. You can retain and activate your customers with push notifications. That's how you can ensure that they come back to your webshop the next time they need to shop.

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Lower your advertising costs

Advertising on Google is expensive, and many returning customers are happy to click that sponsored link! Some of them don’t even realize it when they click a sponsored link. Make sure to pull in your returning customers into your webshop through the app, then you can use your Google budgets on new customers instead.

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starti.app is your shortcut to an app

We’ve already established the why: An app is an effective channel that provides a user experience that is out of this world and creates strong relationships with your customers.

Now to the how: Because with starti.app you don’t have to develop an app from scratch.

starti.app reuses all the great content you already have on your webshop and wraps it nicely into a native mobile app. It’s that simple!

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starti.app explained in 1 minute

Compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform

starti.app works with any webshop solution. Whether your webshop is built with Shopify, Woocommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Golden Planet, PrestaShop, Wix, Shoporama, Dandomain or ideal shop, we can easily and quickly create an app for you. If you use any other solution, we are pretty sure that we can integrate with that too - just as quickly and easily!

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starti.app is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.
With starti.app you get 2 platforms for only 1 effort.

2 platforms, 1 effort

With starti.app, we use your webshop as the core of your new app. This means that you get an app that 1) is connected to your webshop, 2) is automatically updated along with the webshop. So you don't have to worry about updating and maintaining 2 platform. With starti.app your app automatically gets updated every time you make changes to your webshop.

(And oh, we also live-sync your productfeed!)

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