Why you should get your own app

This is why an app will rock
your business

Our mobile phones are absolutely essential to us and we carry them with us wherever we go. We search for information, order stuff, check our social media - the list goes on and on.

It is therefore a must that your website is mobilefirst optimized. But why go the step further with an app?

Here’s some of the reasons why an app will absolutely rock your world (business) and help you gain a colossal advantage in your field of business.

Push notifications

With an app follow the opportunity to send push notifications to your users. Short messages that pop up directly on the user's mobile front screen and are easy and quick for the user to relate to. The majority of push notifications are opened and read, and this makes them a powerful tool when you need to reach the customer with offers, news, etc.

Need we say more?


Are you one of those boring types who think branding is something you do when there are no other work tasks left for the day? You know, one of those who can’t see the value of getting your brand logo in front of your core audience 58 times a day? (Jep, that’s how many times an average person looks at his phone each day)

Then stop reading!

Getting your app icon on the user's home screen has a humongous branding value, because the user will be reminded of you on a daily basis - both consciously and unconsciously. Being top-of-mind gives you a unique opportunity to gain even more loyal customers. And we all know where they are going to place their next order, right?

Lower advertising costs

It is expensive to run campaigns on Google and make use of sponsored links. If your returning users use the app instead of clicking on your website via the sponsored links on Google, you will most likely be able to reduce your advertising costs. Or simply just allocate that delicious pile of money to attract new customers. That’s what we call a win win situation!

Wanna know about more advantages?

Let's have a chat and find out how an app can rock your business.