Why is so smart?

Instead of developing an app from scratch, we can use your website as the core of your future app. It will save you a lot of time, trouble and money compared to traditional app development - that's smart, right?

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Is the app for both iPhone and Android?

Yes, the app is build with crossplatform technologies, which means you can make do with one solution(app) that works on both iPhone and Android.

Can I use my website as it is?

Yes, in principle your website can be used as the core of the app without any changes. However, we always recommend tweaking the website to be more "appish" when displayed in the app.

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Which app features do I get?

It is entirely up to you how the app should interact with the phone - i.e. whether the app should be able to send push notifications, integrate with the camera, or whether the user should be able to login with a fingerprint. However, you must select at least one app feature/integration in order for Apple and Google to approve the app.

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Which systems can the app integrate with?

The smart thing about an app made with is that it is based on your website. If your website is already integrated with a system, the app will automatically get that integration.

If the integration is removed from the website, it will also disappear from the app.

Integrations can be webshop systems, marketing platforms, storage systems, ERP systems, etc.

Do updates always have to be approved?

Normally, Apple and Google have to approve all updates to an app before it is allowed in their stores. But with, you can make updates whenever it suits you - and they are immediately live in the app.

This is possible because the app looks at your website. When you make an update to the website, it is automatically shown in the app.

How long does it take to make the app?

The solution is already built in advance. Therefore we can skip a lot of the development time. It may however take some time on your end to prepare your website for As well as it takes a few weeks on our end to finetune the final app.

Usually it takes about 6 weeks from your GO until you have a finished app ready for download.

How much does cost? is a paid subscription solution, and costs from DKK 4,000 per month. The monthly subscription goes towards maintenance and operation of the app. Besides the monthly subscription we have a required one-time onboarding fee, which covers the development of the app.

The final price of your subscription depends on which features you choose for your app.

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Term and termination

Your subscription runs for one year at a time. Unless otherwise specified in your order, your subscription will automatically be renewed for 1 year at a time. We will make sure to send you a reminder before the renewal.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and then the subscription ends automatically on the expiry date of the current agreement. You can still use your app until the expiry date of the agreement.

What happens to my app if I cancel the subscription?

If you no longer need your app, you can always choose to cancel your subscription (please note that the subscription is renewed once a year).

If you cancel your subscription, you can use your app as usual until the expiry date of the current agreement. Once the expiration date has been reached and no renewal of the agreement has been agreed upon, the app will be removed from the stores and will no longer be available for download.

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