Welcome, we are starti.app

Our hearts and soul beat for apps

But it's not the apps you use to know! In a time where everything is "mobile-first", we believe that an app should be accessible for everyone. Not just as a user, but as an owner!

Have you ever thought about what an app can do for your business? But then concluded that it's way too expensive and time consuming. Well, it's not anymore!

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starti.app is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.

We are 6 key employees with 1 secret weapon

Founder & CEO
Niels loves everything "smart". And with more than 14 years of experience within app development and a house with absolutely no switches, he is the perfect guy to rethink apps!
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CTO & software developer
Did you know that Milo means "apple" in greek? Luckily our Milo is both an Apple and Android lover. And TBH - he would win a coding face-off against Niels any day!
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Sales manager
You can't talk to Lise without her instantly becoming your favorite person. No wonder why she always handles our calls, right? We dare you to test it yourself ;-) Phone: +45 82 30 34 21
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Communication & marketing
A true mastermind when it comes to creative thinking and execution. And if there is one thing you can count on, it is that Cathrine and her camera are ready to capture every event.
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Graphics & design
We are pretty sure that Peter eats "vector" for breakfast and that graphics run through his veins! Boy oh boy, he is a skilled Photoshopper, Indesigner and whatever else programs he uses!
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Lead developer
Jesper is one of life's big mysteries. Or not to us, but we are not going to tell you about him - he's too precious. Like Gollum and the ring, but in a good way! He's awesome.
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Our secret weapon and sister company

Holion! A Danish IT development and consultancy company founded back in 2014. In 2022 the team at Holion build the first version of starti.app and after some improvement and fine tuning, in 2023 starti.app was finally ready to stand on it's own.

The developers at Holion are now our power army when it comes to developing new features and helping our customers with the technical setup when implementing starti.app.

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starti.app is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.

Wanna be a part of our team?

We are always looking out for amazing colleagues to join our team. Can't find the right role for you? Why not invent it yourself then? Send us an email with a description of your dream role and see if you can convince us to hire you!