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HRfamly is a comprehensive HR platform designed for companies of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features, including time tracking and registration, on- and off-boarding, recruitment, employee administration, and more. Behind the platform is the well-established company betterpeople, which has provided companies with HR and recruitment solutions since 2015.

The app facilitates easy time tracking

The time tracking feature is easily managed in HRfamly’s app. The app is developed by HRfamly in collaboration with the creative agency 29x, using’s technology. 29x has cooperated with HRfamly, in developing and creating the website and its visual identity. The primary goal of the app and its time tracking function was to make it manageable and intuitive for the user, and most importantly: the user should be able to register their time in just a few clicks.

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HRfamly uses push notifications as reminders

HRfamly has developed a time registration system that optimizes efficiency and adheres to EU time registration regulations. Using push notifications and an intuitive, distraction-free design, HRfamly ensures that employees can manage their time effectively while minimizing time consumption.

Every Monday, employees receive a push notification allowing them to confirm their standard working hours with a single click. In case of any absences or irregular working hours, they can easily make corrections, ensuring accurate time tracking. info: push notifications

Push notifications are one of the standard app-features you can choose for your app when you use the technology. It is one of our most popular features and it is super simple to implement. When you use our push notifications feature, you also get access to our Manager system, where you can easily manage all your push notifications.

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"We needed an app that 1) wasn't wildly expensive, 2) was "up and running" quickly, and 3) functioned efficiently and intuitively."

Stine Halkjær
Business Partner at HRfamly

29x developed the app using’s technology

The creative agency 29x helped HRfamly develop their website. It was therefore natural to continue the partnership in the development of the app.

"We needed an app that 1) wasn't wildly expensive, 2) was "up and running" quickly, and 3) functioned efficiently and intuitively", says Stine Halkjær, Business Partner at HRfamly.

These requirements prompted 29x to take a closer look at's technology. In collaboration between HRfamly, 29x, and, the app was ready for download on App Store and Google Play just two months after the initial meeting.

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"I am very impressed. We dedicated two full development days to make sure the push notifications worked as intended. We had it up and running in less than two hours!"

Lars Hesselberg
Digital Creative & partner at 29x

So much more than an "app shell"

HRfamly conducted extensive research and received offers from various app developers to create an app from scratch. However, it was challenging for HRfamly to find a solution that met all their requirements.

"Then we heard about, where you buy a "shell" for an app and then apply your own design and content. It was the perfect solution for us. In this way, we could save money and get the app up and running quickly. And afterward handles all the maintenance of the app in App Store and Google Play", says Stine. info: "app shell" is the foundation for a custom made native app. Some would call it an "app shell". Simply put, it’s a piece of code that you can apply to your website's source code, which then allows you to show the content from your website inside an app.

When is applied to your website, you can choose to make changes to the code to show content in a specific way in the app, exclude website content from the app or maybe you have some content you ONLY want to show in the app.

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"We were very impressed by the progress we achieved with's solution in such a short period. The communication has been exceptional throughout the entire development process, and has been available to support the developers at 29x whenever necessary. This collaboration has saved us considerable time and made the process more efficient. is very service-oriented, and you can tell that they have a sincere interest in us as a customer and our product. We always receive a quick and personal response", concludes Stine.

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