Case: An app helps Lindcom to reach their goals

Lindcom A/S is a Danish IoT company that develops sensor systems for silos and tanks. In real time, the sensors provide data on how much content is left in the various containers.

Lindcom's IoT app is made with

An app as a supplement to the IoT system

All the data is registered on their eStock Software platform, where their customers can log in and see an overview of their holdings.

In September 2022, we helped Lindcom turn their web based software into an app. Through the app it is now easier for Lindcom’s customers to access their data. David Roel from Lindcom says: “Our customers are always on the go. It could be a farmer who is often out in the field. With the app, the farmer can easily see how large the stock is in a particular silo and tank”.

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The app improve our customers working day

One thing is that it has become easier for a farmer to check his holdings through the app, and it makes the app extremely relevant. But with the app, push notifications are automatically sent out to Lindcom's customers when the stocks of feed and oil reach a level that the farmer himself has defined. That feature saves the farmer both time and worry.

"In the past, the farmer would hit the silo with a hammer to estimate the remaining stock of feed. With our sensor solution, the farmer can now see the contents of the silos in real time and with great precision. And with the app, the farmer automatically gets a notification when it's time to order new feed", David says.

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"With an app from, we can reach our goals."

David Roel
Sales and marketing manager

The app unlocks new business opportunities

For Lindcom, the app is only the first small but important part of a big vision they have for their system. David tells us that the app contributes significantly to the realization of 2 of Lindcom's goals:

Automatic interaction between farmers, suppliers and transporters
“If all three parties use Lindcom eStock, it is possible to automate the delivery of oil and feed. In this way, all three parties can avoid a lot of administration, rush orders, etc., thereby saving time, money and CO2. And if the suppliers combine it with our forecasting, logistics can be optimized in a completely new way", David says.

Lindcom's eStock software platform can forecast when there will be a need to refill a tank or a silo. Among other things, the system takes into account previous consumption in the calculation of the next delivery date. This results in completely new possibilities for logistics optimization with suppliers and transporters, as optimal transport routes can be planned in advance.

David also sees potential in other markets, where basically the same setup can be used: "With the essentials in place, we can relatively easily open up new markets. We have just launched a sensor system for measuring indoor climate. Here, the app also has an important role in sending out alarms to the right people when a limit value is exceeded, for example the CO2 level.” made the decision easy

Although Lindcom researched the market thoroughly and had meetings with several potential app developers, it was clear that the right solution for them was

“ gave us a really good first impression. There was trust and good communication right from the beginning and they didn't try to oversell. They understood our needs and knew exactly how to give us the best value for money. So we felt very safe to leave the app development to them. The solution also suited our needs very well, because we already had a web based platform. With, we got an app for both iPhone and Android, and the development time was much shorter than expected", concludes David.

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