Case: Jysk Firmatøj are first movers with their app

Jysk Firmatøj are one of the largest retailers of company and business clothing in Denmark. For the majority of their customers they are a full service supplier of all clothing needed for the employees of their customers.

Jysk Firmatøj's app is made with

An innovative way of shopping business- and workwear for your employees

As part of this service, Jysk Firmatøj offers a tailored smart shop, where customers' employees can login and order new work clothes.

Jysk Firmatøj wanted to take that smart shop solution to the next level with an app. An app that makes it even easier for customers' employees to select and order the desired clothing - no matter where and when.

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With we get more value for our money

“We had already done a lot of research and figured out which functionalities our app should have. We also found out that it would easily end up costing on the wrong side of half a million if we had to make an app from scratch.

When I was introduced to, I just knew that it was the perfect match for our needs. The functionality in the app should be roughly the same as on our website, and the price should also reflect this. That was exactly what we got with", says Thomas Julskov Thulesen from Jysk Firmatøj.

However, it was not only the functionality and the price that were important to Jysk Firmatøj. "Right from the very first meeting, we were thoroughly walked through every step of the process. The consultants from made sure to inform us exactly what our options were - both before and during the process, so that we could easily make a decision. I think has a really good approach to their customers, where they prioritize building good relationships", Thomas continues.

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"We have been first movers in our field of business."

Thomas Thulesen
Business Development Manager

How we promote the app is important - especially as first movers

"We are first movers in our field (business clothing) when it comes to implementing an app into our product portfolio, so of course there has been - and still is - a great deal of work in thoroughly informing about the possibilities with the app", Thomas says.

The app is offered as part of a “package solution” to customers who choose Jysk Firmatøj as their total supplier of business- and workwear, and it’s offered to help make it even easier for an employee to select and order the desired clothing. "We find that our customers are really happy to be able to offer this service to their employees, and by communicating the benefits correctly, we see an increasing use of the app".

3 things to consider before getting an app

Are you considering whether an app can strengthen your brand? Thomas has listed these 3 questions you can ask yourself if you are still in doubt:

  • Will the app help my position in the market?
  • Would I download the app myself?
  • Am I ready to work hard for the app to be a success?

"If you think that an app can have a positive impact on your business, and you are ready to work hard to make it a success, I can definitely recommend getting an app. And with, both the price and the functionality of the app are on point", concludes Thomas.

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