From mobile friendly to app ready

Optimize your website

Even though your website is already mobile friendly, you can still make some adjustments that will make it work and look even better when it is displayed in the app.

Here we go through the most important adjustments that can help a website seems more "appish". And don’t worry - it doesn't affect the way the website looks when viewed in a regular browser.

Product categories

On a website, the various product categories are often listed at the top of the page in a header. This is rarely the case in an app. Therefore you need to make some adjustments to the webshop to make sure that the header does not appear in the app. Instead implement the most important categories in a bar at the bottom of the app or a hamburger menu.

The header is of course still displayed when your website is opened in a regular browser.

Checkout cart

On a webshop, it is common for the checkout to appear in the top right corner - but it is far from always given that it should be the same in the app.

Many choose to display a "bar" at the bottom of the app, where the most important categories such as Home, Profile, Favorites and, in particular, the Checkout cart are displayed.

Maybe the bar should also include the search function?

You can also add a category in the bar with additional information (e.g. visualized with 3 dots) that contains messages, settings, etc.

Contact information

Many websites have contact information, company information, and other important topics to appear at the bottom of the page - in a footer. When we visit a new website we know exactly what we expect to find in a footer, right?

It’s not the same for apps. Actually many apps don’t really have a footer. The app user already knows the company behind the app, so all that footer information is not really necessary.

Therefore you need to make some adjustments to the footer so it does not appear in the app - at least not in that same long informational form as visitors get in a regular browser.

Are you ready for us to demo

With a few adjustments, your website can go from mobile friendly to app ready. Are you curious about how close your website is to be app ready?