Exploit your data with an app

With an app, your customers have their most important data at their fingertips. This is an advantage that helps you make it even more valuable to use your solution.

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Data at your fingertips

With an app, your customers can access their data no matter where and when. This makes it easier and faster for your customers access information through your solution, and it gives you a big advantage over your competitors. With an app, your customers can also use your system while they are on the move, which helps to retain them on your solution.

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starti.app is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.
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How app technologies can benefit your data

With app technologies such as push notifications, NFC scanner, geofence and many more, you can use your data in completely new ways, and this benefits your customers. You can send important push notifications based on the customer’s data, or react and engage when the customers are at certain physical locations. The list is long - it is up to you to milk it.

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Seamless overview of your data

In the app, you can cut away everything unnecessary, so that you only present the most important key figures. In this way, you can provide a visually appealing overview of the data that is most important to your customers. By selecting which data you would like to present, you give your customers a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date.

starti.app is compatible with your favourite e-commerce platform.

Can you exploit your data with an app?

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